Some homes have special extensions on their roofs known as dormers. Dormers are protrusions on sloped roofs, which are mostly meant to create extra head space or more light. That said, here are some common types of dormer designs installed in most homes.

Gabled Dormers

Of all dormer designs, gabled dormers are the most common type installed in most homes today. gabled dormerGabled dormers are characterized by a peaked roof and are often large enough to accommodate an extra window. The sloped design of these dormers allows them to create more headspace. One can have a series of dormers installed along the length of the rood depending on the architecture of your home.

Shed Dormers

Shed dormers are among the most uncomplicated dormer design you can add at your home. Unlike the gable dormer, they have a relatively flat roof that slopes gently from the major roof. They are mostly installed in areas where more space is needed on the attic of a home. As such, they tend to act more like an alternative story than a dormer.

Hipped Dormers

These dormer designs bear a close resemblance with gabled dormers. The peaked roof feature of this dormer is the main similarity only that hipped dormers have the third pane on the roof, which starts at the front side of the dormer and slopes further back. These type of dormers are common to foursquare houses.

Eye Brow Dormers

This types of dormers assume an arched top, which neatly rises beyond the slop of the main roof. These structures tend to be relatively flat and do not offer much headroom. And so, they are mostly installed to bring in additional light into the attic. Also, their elegant design contributes significantly to the architecture and visual appeal of the home. Most homeowners use them to add some character and charm to their homes.

Segmental Dormers

dormers at homeSegmental dormers, like eyebrow dormers, are known for their characteristic arched roof. However, the each is segmental dormers tends to be relatively subtle. Segmental dormers protrude further forward from the roof and are supported by a pair of flat walls on the sides.

When choosing a dormer design for your home, you need to look at the architecture of your home. Personal preferences should also be factored in. If you are planning to install one of these structural elements, the services of a distinguished dormer  are greatly needed. With professionals from Family Dormers of Hicksville, NY, besides doing a good job, you also stand to benefit a lot from their considered insights.