How To Clean Your Windows By Yourself

Everybody understands how hard cleaning windows is. We all need windows that provide us a Streak free taste of the outdoors, but some can tackle the task correctly.

The windows are a crucial part of your house. They give adequate ventilation and lighting to make your house look relaxing. Thus, you should do a thorough clean them now and then, not just simple cleaning. Cleaning windows can be a challenging task for most of us, and that is the reason why individuals often hire expert window cleaners.  But, by utilizing the right techniques and tools, the work can go by much quicker and easier. Here’s a step by step guide on how to clean your windows.

Schedule Your Cleaningbbbhnyjy

You should first set a day when to clean your windows. It’s desirable to clean your windows on a cloudy day rather than a hot and sunny day. The sun can cause the water to dry on the windows before you can even wipe them which can cause some streaks.

Prepare For Cleaning

You need to prepare for cleaning, and this includes gathering all the materials needed for cleaning your windows. This also means that you need to dust off your windows and remove any cobwebs. Some of the materials you will need are a sponge, water and a bucket, a squeegee, cleaning solution, lint free cloth and a scrubber.

Remove Any Extra Dirt And Cobwebs From The Window Sill And The Window

Examine the windows before starting. Look for cracks, scratches, and bits of paint. This will provide you a great idea of how hard to scrub, or whether or not you will require using your window scrapper. Dust the interior side of the windowsill and frame and make sure the window is without blemish.

Wash The Windows

Utilize a sponge to wet the window. Apply your scrubber and soak it in a mixture of water and cleaning solution. Start scrubbing from the upper portion of your window so that the excess water and cleaning solution flows down on the bottom.

Use The Squeegee

gnbyjhbyUse your squeegee to clean the already washed portion of your window. Remember to keep the squeegee blade in contact with your window to avoid any streaks. Use a lint-free cloth to wipe the blade to remove dirt and excess water. Do another stroke but this time overlapping with the previous stroke and don’t forget to wipe off your blade after you finish each stroke. Keep doing this until you reach the bottom of your window.

Finishing Touches

Use your other clean lint free cloth to wipe off the excess water on your window sides. You can also use an absorbent rubber cloth used in cleaning cars to dry your window.