Just like the kitchen, a bathroom needs daily maintenance. The bathroom needs more maintenance than any other part of the household because it is so prone to germs. The toilet, sinks and also the bathtubs need to be cleaned daily for them not to look gross. For an instant, if you have children this would mean that the bathroom is consistently used and it will need to be cleaned on a daily basis. However, something that everyone needs to understand that the maintenance of the bathroom is more than just cleaning the tub and washing the bathmats.
Click here for the bathroom maintenance tips that will be useful in covering all the basic without using much of your time.


Bathtub and shower maintenance

toiletThe key to properly clean the bathtubs and shower is having a good bead of caulk. If the bathroom is made of tiles, make sure the floor is smooth and not full of holes as it will be impossible to keep it clean. The grout should be solid as it ensures that the water that hits the surface leaves through the drain. Caulking should be done once one year. However, the best practice is doing it whenever you notice some damages on the caulks. Also, around the fixtures, a good seal will be very necessary.

Shower door and curtains

The curtains and door are mostly neglected leaving them looking filthy. When you notice black mold particularly on the bottom, remove the curtain and scrub the door using an abrasive cleaner. Check if there is any standing water on the doors if any drill small holes to drain off the water.

Toilet maintenance

Toilets are prone to germs, and they can get filthy if not cleaned on a daily basis. But, aside from cleaning regularly you can take a rug and pass it on the base of the toilet. Also, once in a while you should open the back of the toilet to check if everything is looking fine to avoid damage that would have been avoided. If you notice something off with the water level or the floatation devices under water, call a plumber.

Bathroom floors

toiletriesThink about the bathmats. They get the dirty feet on the way in and wet feet on the way out. Because of the amount of water and dirt these mats absorb they need to be washed once a week. When it comes to the bathroom floors whether made of tiles, wood, or carpet, be aware that it will be wet more often and it needs to be cleaned as often as that kitchen floor.